We are An authorized agent for Sicher Elevator Co. Ltd. in Uited Arab Emirates  and Sudan to Sell, install and maintain SRH elevators. If you are interested in high-quality elevators, escalators or moving walks you are in the correct place.

We sell all types of elevators (Lifts) Passenger Elevators, Home Elevators, Bed Elevators, High-speed Elevators, Freight Elevators, Panoramic Elevators, And Car parking elevators.

All our elevators are certified according to European standards.

We also sell all types of Escalators and Moving walk Indoor and outdoor.

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As an authorized agent by Sicher Elevator co. ltd. to promote, distribute and preform after sales services support to SRH brand products. The company works in the fields of importing, installing and maintaining all types of SRH elevators, escalators and moving walks in UAE and Sudan.


Elevating to the highest peaks along with our partners.


We elevating by providing extraordinary designs, installation solution and exceptional after sales services to give the best value to our partners.

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Products and Services


SRH offers a wide range of vertical transportation solutions

1- Passenger Elevators (Machine and machine roomless)

2- High-speed elevators (Machine and machine roomless)

3- Bed Elevators (Machine and machine roomless)

4- Observation Elevators (Machine and machine roomless)

5- Home elevators And home elevators solutions. (small pit and no overhead)

6- Elevators steel shafts.

7- Escalators and moving walks (Indoor and outdoor)

8- Freight Elevators (Traction and hydraulic systems)

10- Car Elevators


We are pleased to offer its valued customers all services related to elevators with high-quality conditions and standards recommended by consultants and senior specialists in the world of construction and according to the latest modern technology for electric elevators with honesty, confidence, and respect, which include:

1- Consultations and Traffic analysis.

2- Installation and project management:
All elevators are installed by highly experienced engineers and technicians, with all specifications and standards required and delivery dates to customers are met.

3- Maintenance and after-sales services:
Provide periodic and preventive maintenance service by visiting the maintenance technician several times to make sure the elevator is working. It also includes emergency service around the clock and on official holidays, with the availability of all spare parts.

4- Elevator installation service in completed homes:
Provide solutions for installing elevators in multi-store homes where elevators have not been established

5- Service (On-Call):
The (On-Call) service guarantees the elevator users complete safety from being trapped through a number inside the elevator When you call him, a team moves to open the elevator door


  1. Dr. Abdullah Hassan Villa
  2. Abdallah Khalafallah Tower
  3. Shebika Tower
  4. Alnasr Complex 4 Towers
  5. SSMO Madani
  6. SSMO Kasala
  7. Al Ihssan Zomurd Tower
  8. Abdallah Karrori Tower
  9. Hakim Tower
  10. Alboshara 5 Tower
  11. Samaya Hotel
  12. Shikan Insurance and reinsurance company Madani head office
  13. Khartoum 2 Tower
  14. Chamber of commerce
  15. Gulf bank Main office
  16. Gassim Mergani Tower
  17. Heart Center Madani
  18. Adil Basir Hotel Appartments
  19. Rahama Tower
  20. Alshati tower
  21. Ammar Abdelwahab Villa
  22. Dirderi Tower
  23. Hatim Alsaid Tower
  24. Rami Kafori Villa
  25. Rami Altaif Villa
  26. Algabri medical center
  27. Mohamed Ali Abdelhalim Tower