Our Services


All elevators are installed by a professional team of highly skilled engineers and workforce, all installation are completed using high standards and before customers’ deadlines
Built to LastThe know how of branding

Maintenance and repairing

Ahmed Albashir Provides preventive maintenance services through regular checkup visits by the operator to ensure the safe work of the unit. It also includes 24/7 emergency services even on weekends and holidays
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On call service

All elevators installed by Ahmed Albashir have the (ARD = automatic rescue device) feature which is system that works in the case of a main power supply failure, the lift stopped between two floors is moved to floor level and the car door opens and remains open to allow passenger out
Also, the on call service which is basically a phone number located inside the cabin and can be dialed in case of the entrapment of people inside the elevator, a team will respond and move immediately and get the doors open The know how of branding

Home and villa solutions

Ahmed Albashir provides sophisticated elevating system solutions designed specifically for use in private residences.
A home lift doesn t require additional space for machine room, overhead, or pit, making it more suitable for domestic and private use The know how of branding